Welcome to Research Institute for Manufacturing and Engineering Systems (RIMES)

RIMES was created in 1995 as the Institute for Manufacturing and Materials Management (IM3). We have recently renamed the Institute while maintaining its focus on Manufacturing and Materials Management. The institute has also evolved and taken the lead in focusing on the research of new knowledge of systems and its applications to Manufacturing and Engineering Systems.

As part of The University of Texas at El Paso, the Institute is committed to education. Members of the staff teach classes, sponsor research at the University, and are encouraged to participate in seminars, conferences and lectures. The institute has a long history of collaboration with private industry. We are committed to continue and expand this synergy.

If you are an engineer who wants to help solve today's business problems and meet your future career goals, our Graduate Certificate Program is perfect for you. The program employs an interdisciplinary approach based on an "entire view" of missions and operational environments. It combines the capabilities of platforms, systems, operators, and support to fashion solutions that meet customer needs.

- Dr. Bill Tseng, Director


7th IMSE Day 2017

UTEP’s 7th Annual IMSE Day

IMSE Day 2014

UTEP’s 6th Annual IMSE Day

5th Systems Engineering Day - 2013

UTEP’s 5th Systems Engineering Day

UTEP Chapter at is 2013

UTEP Chapter at is 2013

People Involved

Profesor Name
Dr. Tzu-Liang(Bill)Tseng

Chair and Professor

Profesor Name
Dr. Eric Smith

Associate Professor

Profesor Name
Dr. Oscar Adrián Mondragón

Clinical Associate Professor

Profesor Name
Mr. Fil Macias


Research Interests

  • Systems Engineering
    • Systems of systems Engineering
    • Complex Systems
  • Health-Care Systems
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering