About Us

The Research Institute for Manufacturing and Engineering Systems is a research, academic, and services center dedicated to:

  1. Generating new knowledge in Systems Engineering through it research programs,
  2. Disseminating new knowledge through its academic programs, publications, workforce development, and industry extension.
  3. Dissemination of enterprise-wide Systems Engineering best practices for our customers.
  4. Promote and encourage multi-disciplinary research and collaboration in Engineering Systems

Our objective includes:

  • To facilitate interactions among colleges and industry to foster total systems-level thinking and systems effectiveness
  • To address applications oriented research areas on large-scale systems and systems of systems
  • To advance multi-disciplinary educational programs at the undergraduate (interdisciplinary senior design projects) and graduate level (Certificate Programs, MSE, MSSE) and industry extensions through Training in MPT, Seminars, and Workforce development.
  • To research and publish advances in Systems Engineering emerging technologies and practices.
  • To stimulate the adoption of standards and best practices for “Extended Manufacturing”, “Enterprise Systems Engineering” and “Lean Engineering” within industries.

Research Interests

  • Systems Engineering
    • Systems of systems Engineering
    • Complex Systems
  • Health-Care Systems
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

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