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Preparation for Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP)

Preparation for Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP)

This 40 hr. certificate program integrates the whole systems engineering process into a self-contained package. This program will prepare participants for the INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Professional certification examination and complies with INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook Version 3.1. The five modules provide an engineer or manager with the knowledge needed to effectively apply systems engineering methods to complex projects. Participants are provided with a textbook, sample documents, as well as a complete set of presentation charts.

The program shall be delivered in 5 8-hour modules totaling 40 contact hours. Topics covered will include:

  1. Systems Engineering Introduction
    1. History and definitions
    2. Systems engineering context
    3. Benefits and value of systems engineering
  2. System Life-Cycle Phases
    1. Systems Engineering Processes
      1. Systems Engineering Tools
        1. Customizing Systems Engineering Processes

          This course, in conjunction with the successful completion of the INCOSE CSEP examination should lead to certification. However, as an institution of higher education, UTEP cannot warrant work performed and as an agency of the State of Texas UTEP can indemnify third parties only to the extent permitted by laws and constitution of the state of Texas.

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