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Management of Complex Systems Development (SDPM)

Management of Complex Systems Development (SDPM)

Systems Engineers have to perform technical management activities within a systemic process to ensure end customer requirements are met on-time and within budget. This executive program presents the techniques and tools for Complex Systems Engineering management.

The program is designed around 4 modules to be discussed in 5 8-hour session. Topics covered will include:

1. Systems Engineering Planning: Systems, Engineering Processes, Systems Engineering Management Plan, Organizational Practices & Systems Engineering, Integrated Product & Process Development, SE Process Metrics, Technical Performance Measures

2. Program Management & Control: Program direction, Program Review & Audits, Resource Requirements & Resource Control, Design Structured Matrix (SDM), Quality Function Deployment

3. Project Management: Project Plan, Baseline Definition, Work Breakdown Structure, Resource Assignment, Task Duration & Task Dependencies, Critical Path, Critical Chain method, Project Evaluation & Review Technique, Statistical Process Control, Tracking & Reporting, Project Auditing, Project Review & Approvals.

4. Case Studies: Case studies are intended to illustrate real cases of good and bad system engineering practice. Depending on participants’ preference and class size, case studies involving aerospace, avionics, and information technology will be analyzed and discussed.


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