Executive Programs
Introduction to Systems Engineering Fundamentals

Introduction to Systems Engineering Fundamentals

p>This program will cover all basic concepts of systems engineering. The objective is to provide the basic knowledge and tools for transforming an operational need into a well-defined system configuration, through an iterative design process of issue formulation, analysis, optimization, synthesis, system integration, and testing. Case study reviews will demonstrate the principles of systems engineering concepts, tools, and techniques as applied in practice.

Unit   Topics
1   Course Introduction
System Definitions and Concepts
2   Bring Systems Into Being
3   Conceptual System Design
Planning & Organization, SEMP, PMP
4   Preliminary System Design
5   Detail Design and Development
6   Test and Evaluation
7   Alternatives and Models in Decision Making
8   Optimization in Design and Operations
Control Concept and Methods
9   Reliability
10   Usability
Supportability (Serviceability)
11   Productibility and Disposability
Affordability (Life Cycle Cost)
12   System Engineering Planning and Organization
13   Program Management and Control
14   Special Topics

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