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Systems Requirements Analysis (SRA)

Systems Requirements Analysis (SRA)

This program covers methodologies, approaches, and techniques associated with requirements analysis and definition; the processes for defining requirements including feasibility study, requirements elicitation, formal specification, validation, verification, and documentation. Group exercises with real industry projects are presented as case studies.

The following topics will be discussed in 4 8-hour sessions.

1. Requirements Fundamentals

  • Requirement Value Definition Methods
  • Requirement Derivation
  • Type of Requirements

2. Requirements Traceability

  • Vertical Traceability
  • Longitudinal Traceability
  • Requirement Traceability to Process
  • System Traceability

3. Requirements Allocation, Margins and Budgets

  • Requirement Value Determination
  • Requirements allocation
  • Margin Management

4. Product and Process Performance Requirement Analysis and Allocation

  • Product Performance Requirement Analysis
  • Process Performance Requirement Analysis
  • Interface Identification and Analysis
  • RAS Centered Requirement Analysis
  • Human Factors Engineering

5. ICT Case Study and Aerospace Case Study.

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