Executive Programs
Integration Verification and Validation

Integration Verification and Validation

Integration Verification and Validation

This program provides the knowledge on systems integration verification and validation processes. It is intended to provide professionals with the knowledge needed to effectively apply IV&V to any professional domain. Attendees are provided with a complete set of presentation charts and supplementary documents.

The program shall be delivered in 5-8 hour sessions. Topics covered will include:

  1. Introduction
    1. Definitions
    2. Overview of systems development

  2. Systems Integration
    1. Architectural attributes and integration complexity
    2. Integration strategies

  3. Verification
    1. Verification methods
    2. Verification planning
    3. Verification implementation
    4. Verification types:
      1. Qualification verification
      2. Acceptance verification
      3. System Test & Evaluation
      4. Process verification

  4. Validation
    1. Requirements validation
    2. Product validation
    3. Process validation

  5. Case studies


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