News 2011

February 2011

The Research Institute for Manufacturing and Engineering Systems (RIMES) has been awarded two contracts totaling $120,000.00 by the University Medical Center in El Paso. The scope includes TMAC engineers and students working on the design and implement a “split model” approach for the Emergency Department.

TMAC has been retained by the University Medical Center of El Paso to help them solve a vexing concern, namely, patient throughput in the Emergency Department. With TMAC's help, UMC is initiating a Lean journey in order to increase capacity while containing costs. With TMAC's guidance, UMC management mapped the hospital's entire value stream and identified the major constraints to stable patient "flow." First of all, low acuity ED patients are being seen in what is termed a production cell which co-locates the resources necessary to expedite the patient's journey to discharge. Secondly, a new medical admitting unit has been opened to keep patient's destined for admittance into the hospital from waiting for inordinately long periods of time. Finally, in order to keep patient beds open for admitting from ED into the hospital, TMAC has helped management design a paced discharge system which will facilitate patient discharges throughout the day instead of the more cumbersome method of batching discharges all before some arbitrarily set deadline.

RIMES has just completed Large-Scale Energy Storage (LSES) $50,000.00 project for Raytheon. The research looks at the associated benefits of LSES, such as increased energy reliability and availability, when available on a microgrid.

This study aims to create a model that quantifies the operational advantages and cost savings from adding storage to a microgrid. This study is being carried out by Dr. Ricardo Pineda, Dr. Ralph Martinez, Dr. Jose Espiritu, and 3 Research Assistants.

RIMES has been awarded a contract by the El Paso Orthopedic Surgery Group to assist in increasing the efficiency of operations and the quality of service delivery. Mr. Jesus Reverol has taken the lead on this project. We expect three students to be continuously involved in this project.

The following Systems Engineering graduate students have accepted offers for full time employment:
Nayeth Herrera          LMC AERO in Fort Worth, TX.
Jose Falliner               Raytheon Company
Aaron Prokopchuk      LMC AERO in Fort Worth, TX.
Javier Flores               Ericsson

RIMES researchers and associates presented eight (8) papers at the 2011 Live Virtual Constructive Conference of the International Test and Evaluation Association. Presenters and co-authors included research assistants Nayeth Herrera, Hugo Almaraz, Ramakanth Gona, Bharath Dantu, Manish Khadtare and Karla Aldous, as well as faculty members Dr. Ricardo Pineda and Dr. Eric Smith. Topics ranged from the Zachman framework, self-reference, enterprise architecture, system dynamics, complementarity, and cost estimation, with applications toward test and evaluation.

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