UTEP Systems Engineering Students Participate in INCOSE Enchantment Chapter Socorro Systems Summit

UTEP Students joined INCOSE Enchantment Chapter leaders, as well as international INCOSE leaders, at Socorro Systems Summit collaborative exchange. Students pre-investigated topics relevant to the systems engineering community in order to discuss the topics within working groups. Progress made at this collaborative summit will be forwarded to INCOSE working groups for further development. A list of topics and participant UTEP students appears here.

Agile Security – Miguel Armenta

High Performance Teaming – Jorge Montes

Organizational teaming for Joint Projects – Angelica Marquez

Fail-Fast – Jose Zuñiga

SE as Multidiscipline – Harshavardhini Bagavathyraj

System of Systems Evolution – various

Agile HW- Development Infrastructure – various

Systems Engineering Cultural – Samuel Terrazas

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